Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Contra Dance Saturday January 5th 2019!!!

Lindsey Dono
Calling to

A Massachusetts transplant, Lindsey Dono began dancing in high school and calling in college. With her calm teaching, careful programming, and sunny demeanor, she can coax even the most skittish beginner onto the dance floor. Lindsey also leads workshops for intermediate and advanced dancers that focus on safety, creativity, and community. When not involved with contra, Lindsey conducts immunology research, practices lindy hop, and crews on a racing yacht.

Countercurrent is a contra band from Western Washington made up of two band members: Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsey who've both been immersed in music most their lives. Their energetic music will have your feet flying in moments. This winter the two have be on tour in the Bay Area after creating an awesome album successfully funded by Kickstarter.

  There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Contra Dance, Saturday December 1st 2018

Laura Mé Smith
calling to
The Goldengems

Laura Mé Smith, has been calling since the 1980s (she emphasizes that she has not been calling since the beginning of time) Her succinct teaching and quick wit delight dancers near and far, young and old, brand new and experienced. Equally comfortable with contra dances, English Country dances, and squares, she'll keep your toes tapping and your mouth grinning long after the band goes home. 

The Goldengems
find friendship through the music they share and a common love of beautiful, melodic, rhythmically interesting tunes. Their repertoire comes from a wide range of old and new music traditions including Old Time, Scandinavian, French Canadian, and the British Isles. They focus on harmony and twin fiddling (Channing Showalter and Annie Schermer) with rich and supportive rhythms on cello (Clea Taylor) and driving guitar (Sam Vogt). The 5 string banjo and melodica are also known to make appearances from time to time. The Goldengems are based in Northwest Washington and are named after a lovely golden apple.

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Special Dance with George Marshall -- Tuesday Nov. 13, 2018

Special Dance, Special Time 6:30 - 10:00 pm. The usual place: Black Diamond Community Hall

George Marshall is a full-time musician, caller and dance teacher from Massachusetts, touring nationally year-round. His specialty is teaching and calling the New England-style contra dances he has collected throughout the country. George is renowned for his knack of matching music to dance and for his smooth, concise teaching and presentation.

George always travels with a fantastic band. This year it is Buddy System -- they play acoustic and electronic music for contra dances, techno contras, concerts, and festivals. Noah VanNorstrand (fiddle, mandolin, foot percussion) and Julie Vallimont (piano, accordion, jawharp) have taken the country by storm since they started performing together in 2014. They've played for dancers in more than twenty states, at some of the biggest dance festivals in the country. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Contra Dance Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Bob Boardman Memorial Dance and Potluck 
Carol Piening
calling to
Possum Carvers 

Join us after 5:30 PM for a lovely potluck and the chance to chat with all the folks you never get enough time with during dance. 

Carol Piening ventures forth from Olympia, Washington, to call dances around the Pacific Northwest. She's been at it for twenty-some years, and likes to get dancers, both experienced and inexperienced, moving and having fun.

The Possum Carvers from Port Townsend have played for us many times.  It's always nice to dance  to their music. They Scott Marckx on fiddle, Jeanie Murphy on banjo, and Chris Cooper on guitar. (Some instrument switching goes on, however.) They have all been playing old-time music for a combination of years that probably comes close to the century mark. They have been known to be hijacked by a certain bunch of contra and French tune-playing folks known as The Glutton-Free Loafers. They look amazingly like Scott, Jeanie, and Chris. They all live in Port Townsend. They enjoy themselves and we enjoy them.

This annual memorial benefit raises a significant contribution to Centrum's "Bob Boardman Fiddle Tunes Scholarship Fund", and gives us all a way to remember, honor, and celebrate Bob. All proceeds from this dance will go to his scholarship fund. 

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Contra Dance Saturday, October 6, 2018

Susan Michaels

Calling to the tunes of 

Kate Powers,  David Bartley & Fred Nussbaum

Susan Michaels has been calling squares, contras, and family dances for more then 30 years, building community, facilitating joy, and just plain having fun.  Susan believes it is her  calling in life to teach people how to hold hands in a circle and move to music.  She loves all kinds of choreography… but specializes in dance with drive and flow that hold on to the roots of barn dancing but take off in new directions.  Susan brings  her special brand of dry quirky humor with her to every dance event and has a unique gift for making newcomers, 2 left-footers, and shy persons blossom through dance.

Kate Powers,  Dave Bartley & Fred Nussbaum

Kate Powers was first introduced to the violin through a scholarship from the Washington Old-Time Fiddlers in 2010. Some of her most recent paths include becoming part of the PC College Jazz Ensemble. Kate enjoys composing and writes much of the music she plays. She teaches herself fiddle and also takes Classical lessons with Ronald Patterson in Seattle. 

Fred Nussbaum played cello, mandolin, and drums in the Portland Oregon area contra dances for years. Then he retired to Port Townsend, and plays mostly English Country Dance music. 

Dave Bartley plays guitar, mandolin, cittern, and several other stringed instruments. He has played many styles of music over the years and continues to range over several genres. He has performed throughout the US and Canada, and in England, Australia, France and Greece. It is difficult to count the number of bands in which he plays.
Dave has composed over 300 dance tunes. A waltz he wrote and KGB recorded, The Clock Stopped, is used to teach cross-step waltz in much of the U.S. and other parts of the world. A reel he wrote, Vladi on the Trans-Siberian, seems to be popping up at dances and jam sessions all over the place.

Please Note that the Fall Potluck has been postponed to the November Dance... Thanks much and see you soon!

The intro class begins at 7:30, like usual, and our dance will begin at 8.

All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Saturday, Sept. 1st, 2018 Abigail Hobart and The Electrodes

Abigail Hobart calling to The Electrodes

Abigail Hobart hails from Bellingham Wa. though she considers parts of New England to be home as well. Abigail has been a dancer, fiddle player and organizer of sorts since childhood and brings a deep love of the tradition, personal warmth and joie de vivre to her calling and interactions both on and off the dance floor. Check out the article in the Sequim Gazette for the story of how she got started -- calling contras at a punk rock dance!

The Electrodes are Joe Bowbeer on the electric 5 string fiddle, Marcy Kubbs on piano, and Joe Michaels on guitar. They play an exciting mix of Celtic, Appalachian, and original tunes. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Contra Dance, June 2nd 2018

Michael Karcher
calling to
David Bartley and Brandon Vance

Michael Karcher hails from Seattle and has been having the time of his life calling around the Pacific Northwest over the last few years - including calling at the infamous Northwest Folklife Festival and other contra camps. When wasn't isn't calling, he was pursuing a PhD in statistics at the University of Washington and dancing in and around Seattle.

Internationally acclaimed Scottish fiddler and violinist, Brandon Vance,  is the recipient of Scotland's 2017 Royal National Mòd "Sutherland Cup" in Scottish Fiddle, as well as being the youngest to win the U.S. National Open Scottish Fiddling Championship in both 1999 and 2001. 

With a M.M. from the Cleveland Institute of Music, one of the continent's most distinguished conservatories,  Vance performs with Seattle-based Pacific Music Works, Early Music Vancouver, Northwest Sinfonietta, mandolinist John Reischman, vocalist Nadia Tarnawsky, Alex Fedoriouk, uilleann piper Eliot Grasso, and composer Stephen Rice.

He will be slinging tunes with the always lovely David Bartley who joined us earlier this year. The duo will surely bring fun tunes that will keep your feet flying all night long.

This is our last Contra dance till September so come on down and get your dance on!

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dances begin at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.