Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Contra Dance, November 5th 2016

Sherry Nevins 

calling to the music of

Purple Heys. 

The band Purple Heys playing to the lovely and local Sherry Nevins.

Sean Bolton (fiddle); Melissa Coffey (whistle, flute, fiddle, sax); Doug Plummer (piano)From fast moving New England and relentlessly cheerful French Canadian tunes, to rollicking old-time standards, Purple Heys rocks the dance floor. Crisp fiddle licks, sparkling whistle riffs, inventive chord accompaniment, and the smile-inducing honks of the saxophone inspire big fun on the dance floor.

Sherry has had great fun calling traditional square dances since 1977 and contra dances since 1980, also occasionally teaching a couple dance workshops. She began coordinating community dances in Seattle in 1979. She especially enjoys calling family dances where adults and children of all ages participate together. Her informal style and boundless enthusiasm paired with her clear teaching and a married, lively repertoire ensure a satisfying dancing experience for all. 

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dances begin at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.  
Sherry's had great fun calling tradition

al square dances since 1977 and co

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Contra Dance Saturday October 1st, 2016

Laura Me Smith calling to Countercurrent

Join us at Black Diamond Community Hall at 7:30 to learn the ropes then at 8 pm the music takes off. Bring your all your friends young and old for a real fun time.

Countercurrent is a contra band from Western Washington made up of two band members: Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsey who've both been immersed in music most their lives. Their energetic music will have your feet flying in moments.

Laura Me

Laura Mé has not been calling since time began, only since 1980.  Her succinct teaching and quick wit delight dancers near and far, young and old, brand new and experienced.  Equally comfortable with contra dances, English Country dances, and squares, she'll keep your toes tapping and your mouth grinning long after the band goes home.

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dances begin at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Contra Dance, Saturday September 3rd, 2016

Lindsey Dono
Kate Powers and Friends.

September 3rd 2016, our contra season is rebooting! Join us at the Black Diamond Community Hall at 7:30 for lessons, then the fancy foot flying will start at 8PM. Bring your friends, snacks and smiles for a real good time. 

A Massachusetts transplant, Lindsey Dono began dancing in high school and calling in college. With her calm teaching, careful programming, and sunny demeanor, she can coax even the most skittish beginner onto the dance floor. Lindsey also leads workshops for intermediate and advanced dancers that focus on safety, creativity, and community.

When not involved with contra, Lindsey conducts immunology research, practices lindy hop, and crews on a racing yacht.

Kate Powers is a violinist and fiddler who enjoys performing and arranging an immense variety of music genres as well as composing her own music.

She is very popular locally, it has been so fun to watch her grow and blossom in the world of music. 

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dances begin at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Contra Dance, June 4, 2016

Michael Karcher

calls to the music of 

Power House

The last dance of the year will go out with a bang!  Michael Karcher, of Seattle, joins us again to keep us in time with Power House.  Power House - led by young Kate Powers - will make you want to dance all night.

Michael has been having the time of his life calling around the Pacific Northwest over the last few years - including previous practice calling in Port Angeles. When he isn't calling, he's pursuing a PhD in statistics at the University of Washington and dancing in and around Seattle.  

This is the last dance until late August! 

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dances begin at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Dances continued

The Rainforest Council for the Arts is sponsoring a Contra Dance on Friday, May 6th, at the Rainforest Art Center in Forks. Dance lessons will be offered at 7PM, and the dance starts at 7:30PM. Desserts will be available. Admission is a suggested $6.00 donation.This is an unusual, and excellent, opportunity to expand our local dances beyond Port Angeles/Sequim.

Northwest Folklife provides four straight days of contra on Memorial Weekend (May 27-30), with hundreds of people on the dance floor at the same time.  Even better, it's free!  Remember to act soon to find a place to stay in Seattle; it's a busy weekend.

A reminder that we have our own dance at Black Diamond this weekend.  See you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/1709867702609973/

Friday, April 29, 2016

May 7 Dance

Sonya Kaufman


Ruthie Dornfeld and Forrest Gibson

Sonya Kaufman is an energetic young caller who has been contra dancing for as long as she can remember. She started calling for contra dances in college, and has been calling regularly for dances throughout the Northwest during the past year. 
Her energy, grace, and warmth shine through in all that she does, and her clear directions will guide you through the trickiest of dances. Sonya is moving to Port Angeles at the end of April to work as a wildland firefighter for Olympic National Park, and is excited to spend the summer in this beautiful place.

We welcome back Ruthie and Forrest, who keep us going with their lively music. 
From Seattle, fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld and guitarist Forrest Gibson merge their New England and Wild West backgrounds to create a dynamic musical team.  Dornfeld, as a 15 year resident of Boston,  was a mainstay of the thriving contra dance scene there; meanwhile Gibson was playing blues guitar in a cabin in the woods in the wilds of Alaska.  They met after both ended up moving to Seattle; musical sparks flew and the result is the no holds barred, full volt style you'll hear at the Contra Dance.
There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Potential Youth Dance Weekend - West! Survey, etc

Good dancers! We'd like your help in designing a Youth Dance Weekend West. Please take the survey below and tell us what you'd like to see at an event intended to empower and facilitate youth leadership and community involvement in our dance community. The event, we hope, will be regional. We need diverse voices to build an inclusive event.

Dance on!