Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015-2016 Dance Schedule

The Schedule for `15-`16 is posted
Hands four!  The schedule for the year is online.  It will be an exciting year with a special dance in November.  We're starting off with something POWERful called the Power House Band.

 Before the first dance, on 9/5, from 3pm to 5pm the caller David Kaynor will lead a fiddling workshop for all those who wish to fiddle.  Also before the first dance, on the same day, there will be a potluck at 5:30, providing an opportunity for people to connect after the summer.

Bring a friend and get ready for contra dance!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

June 6, 2015 Contra!

Summer is coming!  You know what that means-dance while you still can!  For our last dance of the year, we welcome Michael Karcher. 

 Michael  has been having the time of his life calling around the U.S. and Canada over the last four years. He has honed a friendly and relaxed style of teaching and calling, to the delight of dancers across North America.

From Seattle, fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld and guitarist Forrest Gibson merge their New England and Wild West backgrounds to create a dynamic musical team.  Dornfeld, as a 15 year resident of Boston,  was a mainstay of the thriving contra dance scene there; meanwhile Gibson was playing blues guitar in a cabin in the woods in the wilds of Alaska.  They met after both ended up moving to Seattle; musical sparks flew and the result is the no holds barred, full volt style you'll hear at the Contra Dance.

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Northwest Folklife Festival

Take note contra dancers!  The Northwest Folklife Festival is just around the corner.  For four days, May 22-25, you can dance yourself silly with hundreds of other dancers.  Some of the best callers in the nation will be calling.
Don't miss out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

May 2, 2015, Contra to Kathy Anderson and the Legers

Black Diamond Contra Dance with Kathy Anderson calling and music by the Famille Leger.

May 2, 2015, Black Diamond Hall, Port Angeles.

Join us for another night of a fun caller, fun music, and fun dancing!

Kathy Anderson has been intriguing dancers for almost 35 years with her enthusiasm for fast-moving squares and contras with good flow and high fun factor.  She specializes in quick efficient teaching and helping the dancers have a good time.

Born of a time when family and friends would gather in the warmth of the kitchens of Québec and New Brunswick to play and dance time-honoured tunes together, La Famille Léger keeps that rich tradition vitally alive. The Légers play the dancing music of French Canada - the music handed down through generations in the New World, the music of back porches and kitchen parties. Patriarch Louis Léger leads the band on the one-row melodeon (a type of button accordion), son Devon plays fiddle, Devon's mom Barbara plays guitar and his wife, Dejah is on piano. This proudly "old school" family band will have your own family dancing and joining in on the fun.

All ages are encouraged to join.  No partner necessary.  

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wall Street Journal online video/article

Contra Dancing Hits The Big-Time in NYC

Can you believe it? Contra dancing in New York City and the Wall Street Journal. It's a great 2 minute video, check it out!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

April 4, 2015 contra to the Counter Currents and Eric Curl's calling

Caller Eric Curl comes to Black Diamond with the Countercurrents band

Black Diamond Contra Dance, April 2015

Eric started calling in 1996 and called in California and Colorado before moving Seattle in 2006. A mechanical engineer working for Boeing, he now enjoys calling in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia on a semi-regular basis. In his spare time, he likes to hike, snowshoe, camp, visit friends and family, play music, and of course, dance and call. 

Countercurrent formed officially in 2014, but began over half a decade earlier.  Brian Lindsay and Alex Sturbaum met as freshmen at Oberlin College in 2009, where they bonded immediately over their love of traditional Irish music.  They began playing concerts shortly thereafter, and in 2010 co-founded the wildly successful contra band Gallimaufry, which has toured extensively throughout the Midwest and the East Coast.  When the winds of change blew Alex and Brian to the Pacific Northwest, they decided immediately to begin playing for contra dances as a duo. Combining driving guitar and lyrical fiddle with lush harmony vocals and boundless energy, Countercurrent is a contra dance band with a new, invigorating sound and infectious enthusiasm.

  There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.

Friday, February 27, 2015

March 7, 2015 Contra to Scott and Jeanie

Black Diamond Contra Dance, March 2015

Linnaea Chapman calls to music by Scott and Jeanie

Linnaea grew up barn dancing in Upstate NY and became an avid contra dancer during her time in college near Utica, NY. She started calling five years ago in Syracuse, NY before moving to Seattle. With support and encouragement from many people in the dance community, she has had the opportunity to call in WA, OR, BC, VT, and NY. She has a healthy appreciation for traditional dances, which she learned in the North East, as well as a love of fun and interesting ones. This leads to a unique mix of new and old styles. Linnaea picks dances that she has enjoyed dancing herself and are accessible to beginners while still entertaining for experienced dancers.

The Possum Carvers consist of Scott Marckx on fiddle, Jeanie Murphy on banjo, and Chris Cooper on guitar. (Some instrument switching goes on, however.) They have all been playing old-time music for a combination of years that probably comes close to the century mark. They have been known to be hijacked by a certain bunch of contra and French tune-playing folks known as The Glutton-Free Loafers. They look amazingly like Scott, Jeanie, and Chris. They all live in Port Townsend.

There is a workshop at 7:30pm.  The dance begins at 8:00.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.