Monday, April 15, 2019

Contra Dance, Saturday April 2nd 2019

Marlin Prowell

Calling to the

Country Capers

Marlin Prowell from Bellingham, Washington. He has been calling for dances and camps in the Pacific Northwest and around the country for twenty five years including Slugs at Sunrise, Portland Raindance, Dancing Fool and the West coast's first ever Techno Contra.

His understated, smooth, and competent style inspires a sense of ease and comfort among dancers. Marlin’s ability to match the dances with the music doubles the enjoyment of both.  Above all, he brings a sense of playfulness to the dance that makes for a fun event for all.

“Marlin has an easy-going way of teaching so that your feet know what to do before your mind has time to worry about it. If you’ve never danced a step in your life, follow the caller’s instructions and you’ll be smiling and swinging in minutes.”

Country Capers, hailing from Poulsbo Washington, Have been playing together for over three decades now. They come to us bringing tunes with wings of both modern and ancient notes of Scottish and Irish music as well as Norwegian and sweetish influences as well. Their music is sure to inspire us to dance. The band is made up of duo Jane Landstra & Ken Embrey on fiddles, guitar, concertina, and piano, or trio with David Denz on wooden flute and cittern, and Irish exilian bagpipes.

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