Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Contra Dance, Saturday December 7th 2019

Joe Michaels 

calling to

Sweater Weather String Band

They are, in order of height: Adam Amr, Colin Schmidt, Richard Vinh, Will Jevne, Joey Gish, and Collin McAvinchey, and sometimes other people too. They play a mix of old-time, honky-tonk, and celtic music, and sometimes other stuff too. They live all around the Salish Sea and they love knitwear. Someone once said our music sounds like “the frolicking of sheep before a thunderstorm”, and they thought that summed it up well.

Caller is Joe Michaels
Joe Michaels has called at numerous dances, parties, and classes throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and Canada.
He particularly enjoys seeing people who have never participated before, dancing within a couple of minutes. He is always happy to discuss the fellowship and community building aspects of traditional dance.

  There is a workshop at 7:00pm.  The dance begins at 7:30.  All other dance details are on the "About Our Dance" page on this website.

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