Schedule: Bands & Callers

Dances are at the Black Diamond Community Hall

1942 Black Diamond Rd., Port Angeles 98362, unless otherwise noted.

NEW! Earlier time for the dance: 7:00 pm starts with free introductory teaching,

dance 7:30 to 10:30pm.


9/1/18: Abigail Hobart from Bellingham calling to The Electrodes (Joe Bobeer 5 string electric violin, Marcy Kubbs piano, and Joe Michaels guitar)

10/6/18: Susan Michaels calling, Band: Kate Powers, Dave Bartley, and Marni Rachmiel

11/3/18: Carol Piening calling to the Possum Carvers. This is our annual Bob Boardman memorial dance.

*** Special Dance 11/13/18: George Marshall coming from the East Coast to call with the Buddy System

12/1/18: Laura Me Smith calling, with The Golden Gems.

1/5/19: Lindsey Dono calling to Countercurrents

2/2/19: Joe Michaels calling to Kate Powers and David Rivers playing

3/2/19: Michael Karcher Calling to Potent Brew (Dave Bartley, George Paul, Brandon Vance)

4/6/19: Marlin Prowell calling to Jane Landstra and Country Capers playing

5/4/19: Michael Karcher calling Kate Powers and David Rivers playing

6/1/19: Susan Michaels calling Kate Powers and David Rivers playing


9/2: Abigail Hobart calls to Kate Powers and David Rivers

10/7: Susan Michaels calling to Countercurrents

11/4: Tom Wimmer calling to Heliotrope

*** Special Dance 11/14: George Marshall coming from the East Coast to play with to Pete's Posse

12/2 Bob Bordman Memorial Dance: Amy Carroll and Carol Piening call to Possum Carvers

1/6: Lindsey Dono calling to Brian Lindsay and David Bartley

2/3: Sonya Kaufman calling to Countercurrents

3/3: Marlin Prowell calling to Chandra and Company

4/7: Carol Piening calling, Jane Landstra and Country Capers

5/5: Susan Michaels calling to Red Crow

6/2: Michael Karcher calling to Brandon Vance & Dave Bartley


9/3: Lindsey Dono calls to a very fun local duo Katie Powers and David Rivers

10/1: Laura Me calling to the fun band Countercurrents

11/5: Sherry Nevins calling to the band Purple Heys

12/3: Our Annual Bob Boardman Memorial Dance. Carol Penig will be calling to Port Townsend's band: Possum Carvers

1/7: Band: Kate Powers and friends, with Lindsey Dono calling

2/4: Band: Full Scale with Jay Finkelstein as caller

3/4: Band: Marni Rachmiel, Rodney Miller, and friends, with Michael Karcher Calling

4/1: Band: Sandy Bradley and Susan Burke, Caller: TBA

5/6: Band:Red Crow, Caller: Michael Karcher

6/3: Band: Waxwings Caller: TBA

2015-2016 Dances:
 9/5: The Power House Band plays, lead by Katie Powers.  David Kaynor of Massacussets calling.

10/3: Sandy Bradley and Kevin Carr team up to provide great music
Laura Mae Smith calling

11/7: Countercurrents of Seattle and - recent grads of Oberlin U in Ohio - with Lindsey Dono of Seattle calling

11/23: SPECIAL DANCE: George Marshall calling with Syncopaths as band

12/5: Bob Boardman memorial dance Possum Carvers band with Carol Piening calling... all callers welcome to call a dance or two and musicians welcome to join the band too... also remembering Nancy Vivolo.

1/2: The local and excellent Powerhouse plays to Joe Michaels call

1/9: SPECIAL DANCE: Lindsey Dono calls to the Gallimafry band 

2/6: Michael Karcher calls to the music of Red Crow

3/5: Laura Mae Smith calls to the music of the Possum Carvers

4/2: Marlin Prowell calls; the music is by the Canote Brothers

5/7: Sonya Kaufman; music by Ruthie Dornfeld and Forrest Gibson

.... more to be revealed.


  1. I have never been contra dancing but am thinking of coming January 9. What does SPECIAL DANCE mean?

  2. I just noticed this comment from a couple months ago. So, as you can tell, we don't have a policy of checking and responding to comments. If you have a question needing prompt reply, click the "Contact" tab, and I'll respond as promptly as I can - Tom